To further motivate and reward our long-term supporters, MILC platform is launching a couple of staking events on a well-established staking platform, and our launchpad platform, MANTRA DAO.

We are launching 2 staking programs:

A) BNB/MLT LP token staking program

B) Pure BEP-20 MLT token staking program

A) BNB/MLT LP token staking program

This staking program will help in bootstrapping $MLT token liquidity in the BNB/MLT pair on Pancakeswap. A total of 880,000 $MLT tokens will be given out as rewards to LP token stakers for the first month.

To take advantage of this opportunity, here is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to BNB/MLT pool on Pancakeswap and Connect your wallet

Dear Community, after very intense weeks of working, meeting, and development we want to give you an update on the MILC status, progress and outlook.

Current status of Q2 2021 Milestones:

Public Sale (IDO)

Successfully completed fundraising in May 2021 with public sale on BSC PAD and Mantra DAOs ZENDIT.

Listing on Exchanges

  1. After TGE we have listed the $MLT token on Uniswap and Pancakeswap, please see top of the website ( for the official contract addresses and listing pairs.
  2. Central Exchange listings are under review

Expansion of technical staff for 24/7 operations

  1. We have recruited experts in the areas of market research and licensing. (Team section on website will be adjusted asap)
  2. More content creation and service…

MILC Platform introduces the Twitter Thread Contest! We have accelerated our project exposure activities to align with our mission to revolutionize the Content Media Industry. So, we thought of coming up with this contest to reward the community members who support MILC platform in its journey!


We need your help in taking over twitter! So brace yourself with some iron strong ideas for creating an engaging twitter thread!


It will be a 15-day long event at the end of which we will pick the best tweets and reward them with $USDT/$MLT worth $1000!

Follow these steps to participate:

  • Create an…

Munich, June 3rd, 2021

Hendrik Hey, Founder and CEO of MILC Platform, has been officially elected to the Advisory Board of the MediaVerse project. The EU-funded Innovation Action (IA) MediaVerse (Program H2020-EU.2.1.1. — Grant agreement no 957252) brings together technology developers, social researchers, media publishers, artists, and other stakeholders. Their main goal: To help all sorts of creators produce and share state-of-the-art media — while allowing them to keep control of their intellectual property rights.

The MILC Project will solve four fundamentally important challenges of the global media industry: Global availability of all Video Content, Discovery process for Buyers, Complex…

In the spirit of transparency, MILC Platform is releasing the wallet addresses handled by the team. All these addresses have a release structure as given in our whitepaper, Overview Deck and One pager.

We have also updated and inserted information on etherscan, which will help newcomers a lot.

You can find the MILC website and ERC-20 contract related info here:

Today is the day! We can’t be more thrilled to announce that we are going to launch MILC Platform’s Token Generation Event (TGE).

Find MILC Platform’s $MLT token contract addresses below:

Good news is, Our Smart Contract is audited by CERTIK. Initial report arrived today, while another one with detailed summary is likely to be out by tomorrow!

MILC Platform would like to take this opportunity to thank our community, investors and supporters. We are overwhelmed by the support we have received from our community…

The MILC MEME CONTEST produced a great deal of artwork in videos, pictures and stickerpacks.

We are simply thrilled with the creativity and diversity of the entries. This is why we would like to thank all the participants who gave us their time, skill and effort!

The task of selecting the winners was a rather difficult and lengthy one.
We discussed and evaluated several submissions and finally came to a consensus in a team vote.

The following winners emerged from the voting:

1st PLACE:

Telegram: @crypto9690

Twitter: @NikkiYa67671333




We couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with Vaiot, which covers both strategic and technical aspects. It offers an array of blockchain Artificial Intelligence assistants for businesses/consumers to provide automated services & transactions, powered by the 1st VFAA (Virtual Financial Assets Act) regulated digital asset.

The main goal of this partnership between MILC and Vaiot is to enhance MILC with Viaot’s intelligent contracts and utilising Viaot’s Artificial Intelligence assistants to analyse and generate personalised licensing contracts.

MILC and Vaiot will be working together to achieve the following:

  • Applying VAIOT’s Legal Assistant to intelligently generate detailed licensing policies on…

We are very excited to announce that MILC Platform has reached a strategic partnership agreement with AIOZ Network.

AIOZ Network uses a worldwide network of nodes to leverage peer-to-peer neighbourhood bandwidth, creating an infinitely scalable content delivery solution at a fraction of the cost of a legacy CDN. AIOZ Network creates a distributed content delivery network (dCDN) and represents a major shift in the way the world streams videos.

AIOZ has also built dApps on their blockchain network by leveraging the peer-to-peer dCDN network. AIOZ Tube is a high-quality video-streaming platform where creators can post content for the viewers…

We are pleased to announce our IDO partners BSCPad and Zendit!

Total Public sale allocation: $270.000

ZENDIT: $100.000 | 1,111,111 $MLT
BSCPad: $170.000 | 1,888,888 $MLT

Token Price: $0.09

Ticker: $MLT

Maximum Token Supply: 200,000,000 $MLT

Circulating Supply at Listing: 30,533,333.33334 $MLT

Market Capitalization at Listing: $2,748,000 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: No Vesting, Fully unlocked at TGE

Date: May 17th 2021


MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content)

The MILC Platform was created by Welt der Wunder® and constructs a blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform with high-quality video content.

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