Come one, come all! The first edition of the pioneering Alpha Film Festival is nearing its launch!


Alpha Film Festival, launched by The Film Verdict and MILC Platform, is the first virtual film festival going to take place in the MILC Metaverse from 3rd to 7th March 2023. This five-day festival will be available around the globe, and hosted exclusively by the MILC Metaverse inside its virtual building called the MILC Art Tower.

Its creation can be largely attributed to the desire of The Film Verdict and the MILC Platform to develop the media and entertainment industry for the Web3 world. It will capture and amplify the public’s interest in the fast-emerging Metaverse technology. AFF is the first major step to bring Metaverse to the attention of the traditional content companies as an alternative media platform.

AFF 2023 Theme

The theme of the inaugural edition of AFF is “The Future” and it is dedicated to bringing you cutting edge short film content from around the world. Its aim is to give mass appeal to the unlimited possibilities of the 3D virtual space and how technological advances can reshape the film industry.


The festival’s artistic director, Ben Nicholson, has curated a collection of short films for the Official Selection. Alongside those films will be several curated live events, including panel discussions with filmmakers and thought leaders shaping the industry’s future, combined with live screenings that will embrace topics such as visions of the future, artificial intelligence, as well as explore the potential crossover between films and gaming.

The virtual festival will showcase films by talented filmmakers from around the world, including France, Germany, Spain, China, USA, South Korea, India, Austria, Greece, Finland, Sweden and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Among the esteemed guests for the festival, expect to see is Award-winning Director Miguel Faus, who recently won an award and a $300,000 grant at Sundance Film Festival for his film Calladita which is the first European movie ever funded by NFTs. Among those already established to lead panel discussions is Sasha Stiles, widely recognized as a pioneer of generative literature and language art. Stiles is author of the instant techno classic poetry collection, Technelegy, and has been named “perhaps the leading blockchain poet” by Right Click Save, as well as one of the top 10 NFT artists to watch in 2023. Also included on the panel is AI multi-disciplinary artist, Sundog and will speak about the possibilities that emerge when blockchain, film3, and AI are utilized in the film creation process.

AFF Programme

  1. The Official Selection: The films will be available to stream throughout the festival and be eligible for community voting. The list of movies at the time of publication include:
  • 3 Dialogues About the Future- Directed by Alina Manolache
  • The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be- Directed by Adeyemi Michael
  • Agrilogistics- Directed by Gerard Ortín Castellví
  • Aralkum- Directed by Daniel Asadi Faezi & Mila Zhluktenko
  • The Arrival of Aliens- Directed by Tian Guan
  • Brutalia, Days of Labour- Directed by Manolis Mavris
  • How to Disappear- Directed by Total Refusal
  • Persona- Directed by Sujin Moon
  • SOS- Directed by Sarah Hafner
  • Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro- Directed by Jerry Carlsson
  • The Unborn- Directed by Thomas Frank
  • Zombies- Directed by Baloji

2. There will be a series of live events under AFF which are scheduled as follows:


Each of these events will take place as follows:
6PM UTC: Panel discussion
8PM UTC: Live film screenings

AFF Audience Award

The community will get the chance to vote for their favorite short film from the Official Selection, and the film which receives the most votes will be presented with the AFF Audience Award 2023 at the end of the festival.

AFF Entry Tickets

Entry to the virtual festival inside the MILC Art Gallery will be for ticket holders only. However, AFF’s purpose is to introduce the community to a whole-new way of creating and viewing films, not a money-making venture. To that end, tickets will be priced low at 5 USD. An official announcement will be made when the tickets are about to go live on the MILC store.

Keep informed on the latest news on the official AFF Twitter page @alphafilmfest. Further details regarding the festival program and tickets will be announced soon. For enquiries, please contact: .


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