MILC Platform is proud to announce a partnership with Bad Blood Films, a powerhouse within indie filmmaking. Bad Blood Films is an independent British horror and thriller film production company with a studio approach to filmmaking, tapping into a long tradition of commercially successful companies such as Hammer and more recently Blumhouse. Spearheaded by co-founders Mark Kenna and David Creed, the company places a focus on sustainable filmmaking, while keeping to a realistic budget.

Bad Blood Films are not frightened to use the latest technologies to raise the bar in horror. Their multi-award winning 2020 feature film Sacrilege is mixed in Dolby Atmos for an incredibly immersive sound experience. Bad Blood Films have a slate of film and tv projects in development and will soon be introducing a new horror icon for the modern age, The Ripper’s Ghost, currently in production.

MILC Platform welcomes the Bad Blood Film Tribe of fans into the WebGL Metaverse. The partnership aims to deepen engagement with their fans, bringing a new dimension to their horror franchises and iconic characters.

What are you afraid of? Learn more about Bad Blood Films here:

Richard Flynn, Senior Licensing Manager of MILC Platform, says:

“We welcome Bad Blood Films to the growing MILC community of filmmakers. The studio’s passion for sustainable filmmaking and nurturing talent in the UK is inspiring. They are not afraid of pushing the boundaries. We look forward to supporting their journey into the Metaverse and developing new and innovate ways for fans to experience their stories.”

Mark Kenna, Co-Founder, CEO and Producer, says:

“I’ve seen huge changes within the entertainment industry throughout my 25-year career working with companies such as Dolby Laboratories, working with many of the majors transitioning from analogue to the world of digital I understand the importance of a legacy product and the challenges that come with change through the roll-out of DCinema and new technologies that support a more immersive environment such as Dolby Atmos and 3D. What we love about MILC’s Metaverse is that their focus is on the future of film and immersive content for the next generation, working close with filmmakers, production companies and studios such as Bad Blood Films, offering a platform within the Metaverse that wraps up these exciting technologies such as Web3, Blockchain, NFT, Crypto currencies and AI/VR/AR. We’re extremely excited to have a footprint in this virtual world, build an immersive environment for our tribe, a place where we can explore new ideas and concepts based on our IP, helping to shape this next decade of content creation and horror for our fans”.

Keep your eyes peeled for further news! The Horror Playground is coming to the Metaverse soon…


Bad Blood Films is an award-winning independent British horror and thriller film production company with a studio approach to filmmaking, shaping the next decade of horror, through creative storytelling, innovative, high-quality productions that push the boundaries utilizing new technologies whilst supporting up-and-coming talent. What are you afraid of?


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