MILC Platform embarked on its journey to become an open marketplace for the content media industry last year and since then it has come a long way. In order to realize its mission of transforming the content media industry, it undertook the task to tackle the four major drawbacks of this industry: Global availability, Discovery process for Buyers, Complex licensing and Early feedback from viewers.

Within a few months of its existence, MILC Platform took a ginormous step of launching the first globally existing Metaverse. This was followed by the launch of its own Web3 Social Community Platform. Together, the MILC metaverse and social community platform present a stupendous opportunity for all the participants of the content media industry to interact directly and efficiently. Presently, the MILC team is ardently working to develop the metaverse with the latest Unreal Engine 5, to elevate it to a next level for its users!

As one can understand from the momentum of MILC Platform’s progress, it has simultaneously achieved many eminent collaborations as well to complement it further. This ecosystem map gives up-to-date information about all its partnerships just to provide a complete picture drawn out of steady efforts of the MILC team.

A strong project requires the foundation of strong and reliable investors, and MILC Platform has got a list of these: Master Ventures, X21 Digital, Titans Ventures, Wings Ventures, Three m Capital, Peech Capital, Sky Ventures, Moonboots Capital, Tenzor Capital, Bmw Capital, China Polka, Block Films, Jeco Capital, Swiss Gem Investments and Chainstride Capital.

Through the backing of its parent company- Welt der Wunder, MILC Platform has acquired some significant strategic partners: EU Mediaverse, Watch it!, Zattoo, Freenet,, Focus Online, Chip, Msn, Astra, Vodafone and Magenta TV. A major focus was put on the promotion and networking of the platform to create awareness on its working. This resulted in obtaining some notable allies: The Birb Nest, NewsCrypto, UK China Film Collab, The Film Verdict and Metaverse Insider.

Being audited by Certik, a pioneer in blockchain security, MILC Platform also gained a number of technical cooperations over this course of time. Kylin Network provides its oracle services, Aioz gives content streaming services and Vaiot provides its intelligent contracts. MILC Platform also partnered with the EU funded project, Mediaverse.

The native token of MILC Platform, $MLT, also surrounded some crucial collaborations. Exchanges that listed the token include, Uniswap and Pancakeswap. $MLT is supported on almost all the wallets such as Metamask, XDEFI wallet, Trust wallet and Ledger. Alliances were obtained with Mantra Dao and Ferrum Network to allow staking of its native token .

Certain metaverse related integrations were secured by MILC Platform aimed at allowing a cross-metaverse movement for the users from different communities. These powerful partners include Cosmic Factions, Legends of Elysium, Mine Network and Bit Hotel.

The MILC ecosystem is expanding rapidly and we are grateful to have a supportive community with us in our journey!


The MILC platform aims to become one of the leading business and entertainment Metaverses. A melting pot, connecting the professional media industry with its fans. Through its own Open Web GL Metaverse and Web3 social community platform, it offers the possibility for all users, for the first time, to interact directly with the media and entertainment industry. In addition, MILC Platform offers a blockchain-based multimedia marketplace for professional content providers to trade licenses for movies, television, streaming, online publishing, music, gaming and art. It provides NFT-supported financing models for media projects as well as extensive small business opportunities for every market participant and user.

The MLT (Media Licensing Token) serves as a medium of exchange, contract signing vehicle and revenue sharing medium across all platforms within the MILC Metaverse.

More details on MILC Platform:
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MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content)

The MILC Platform was created by Welt der Wunder® and constructs a blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform with high-quality video content.