MILC Platform is delighted to announce a long-term partnership with The Birb Nest. The Birb Nest is a top quality international trade group founded in 2017 that provides educational & business solutions.

Through this partnership, MILC Platform will be able to benefit from the tailor-made services and solutions provided by The Birb Nest, such as Marketing Advisory, Influencer Marketing, and more to improve company’s brand value and status.​

The Birb Nest’s strong social media presence will be utilised to tactfully feature MILC across its various platforms. We are positive that this partnership will help us get closer to our goal of revolutionizing the content media industry by creating our brand awareness among a wider audience. MILCians, get ready to see some great work from The Bird Nest’s team in the upcoming weeks. We look forward to working together with The Birb Nest in this journey to success!


The Birb Nest is a successful trading community and educational hub, simultaneously serving hundreds of customers with a team of seasoned Technical Analysts, Fundamental Analysts, Trading Psychologists and IT Experts. They are a team of successful entrepreneurs and winning traders that have come together to pass on our most valuable skills and knowledge to their clients.

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MILC platform aims to provide the industry with an open new marketplace for every professional and non-professional content provider and buyer that incorporates cutting-edge broadcast, blockchain and AI-technology which can become a game changer for the entire media content industry. It solves four fundamentally important challenges of the global media industry: Global availability, Discovery process for Buyers, Complex licensing and Early feedback from viewers. MILC has been developed by Welt der Wunder, a media brand with 25 years experience in the business.

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The MILC Platform was created by Welt der Wunder® and constructs a blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform with high-quality video content.