MILC Platform Quarterly Review — Q1 2022

The first three months of MILC Platform has been of tremendous significance to proclaim the extent of its potential for development. A massive step was taken in February with the launch of Web3 Social Community Platform, making it the first platform in the world to launch a metaverse integrated with the power of its social community networks. This will function as a bridge directly connecting the content media industry with its users, something that has been absent since always.

The development of metaverse is a perpetual process and we will continue to optimize it with the latest features and enhancements as we did throughout the Q1 of 2022. Furthermore, this quarter saw alliances with several prominent projects including some crucial metaverse integrations. The MILC team has worked diligently to deliver the best to its users, and we present to you some of the prime achievements in this blog.

Let’s take you through the first quarter of 2022 at MILC Platform!

Development Milestones and Launches

MILC Platform proudly launched its Social Community Platform which will be a home for the community, connecting it to the media metaverse. The community members can register on the platform, create a profile, and own a townhouse in our metaverse for free!

The platform has already reached 3K registered users in its short period of existence till date.

To learn about the benefits of Social Community Platform, visit here:

Soon after the launch of Social Community Platform, it got upgraded with a 3-D outlook to provide an augmented experience to the users. New and improved features are continuously being added to the platform.

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Metaverse was launched in November 2021 and since then it is being developed constantly to provide infinite possibilities for this rapidly growing venture.

Read below to know some of these updates:

The roadmap was released to give a detailed overview of next steps that the MILC team will be taking in the year 2022. Go through the roadmap to get a better grip of our intentions in the coming months.

Take a look at our roadmap here:

MILC Platform was chosen for CMC’s exclusive Gravity program under which there will be a $MLT site that will give details of its updates and contain informative articles about it. An important aspect will be the live chat interaction facility on CMC.

For more details, read here:

BKEX listed the MLT/USDT pair in January. The token type is BEP20.

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An expert music artist, Fisherman, was added to MILC ambassador team. His skills will be utilized towards building the music palace in the metaverse and many more innovative areas to come in future.

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The Film Verdict is a dedicated all-review website, that is a platform featuring reliable, independent reviews from the most experienced film critics in the industry. The Film Verdict will provide high-quality content on a regular basis for the MILC Community.

Learn more on this partnership here:

The Metaverse Insider is the leading provider of news and information on the fast-emerging metaverse industry. Through this partnership, Metaverse Insider will provide the MILC community with high-quality content on a regular basis.

Read more on this partnership here:

CosmicFactions is a block-chain based, gamified virtual ecosystem that hosts a multitude of competing factions within one consolidated, yet continuously expanding eco-verse. It will be integrated into our media metaverse in the form of its own game. In addition, MILC metaverse will also be implemented into CosmicFactions’s gaming metaverse.

Get more details on the partnership here:

Legends of Elysium is a web-based fantasy card game in which players compete with each other in epic battles to win their share of the treasury. Through this gaming integration into its metaverse, MILC Platform welcomed an entirely new category of community to experience what it has to offer.

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MINE Network is an innovative cross-chain mining Metaverse solution that seamlessly connects the worlds of DeFi, GameFi and NFT’s into one consolidated, easy-to-use open-source protocol. This is another crucial metaverse collaboration for this quarter.

For complete details, read here:

Bit Hotel, a new upcoming Non-Fungible Token (NFT) play-to-earn game aiming to redefine the blockchain gaming industry. MILC Platform will join forces as their media partner by broadcasting high-quality content in their metaverse through TVs in the Bit Hotel rooms.

Get more information on the partnership:

Key Media Mentions

Community Milestones

MLT Token Performance

MLT started well off into Q1 with a 2022 high at 0.40 USD during the first weeks. Subsequently a consolidation phase compromised by bumpy global market conditions eclipsed into a low of 0.09 USD. Nevertheless, MLT quickly stabilized in the range of a major support level between 0.15 and 0.25 USD.

  • Both chains (ERC20 and BEP20) combined total number of holders increased to 13,170 excluding CEX-holdings
  • Average daily trading volume on all marketplaces (Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and BKEX) stabilized in the range between 1M and 600k USD with spikes upwards and downwards on single days
  • Peak high was 3.76M USD trading volume on January 13th
  • Market Cap oscillated around the 25M USD mark with a total circulating supply of 132.5M MLT by March

MILCians, as always, we are grateful for your immense support in our journey so far. We hope for your continued support in the months to come, as things are going to get even more exciting!

The MILC platform aims to become one of the leading business and entertainment Metaverses. A melting pot, connecting the professional media industry with its fans. Through its own Open Web GL Metaverse and Web3 social community platform, it offers the possibility for all users, for the first time, to interact directly with the media and entertainment industry. In addition, MILC Platform offers a blockchain-based multimedia marketplace for professional content providers to trade licenses for movies, television, streaming, online publishing, music, gaming and art. It provides NFT-supported financing models for media projects as well as extensive small business opportunities for every market participant and user.

The MLT (Media Licensing Token) serves as a medium of exchange, contract signing vehicle and revenue sharing medium across all platforms within the MILC Metaverse.

More details on MILC Platform:
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The MILC Platform was created by Welt der Wunder® and constructs a blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform with high-quality video content.