MILC Platform Quarterly Review — Q3 2021

It has been an incredibly busy three months for MILC Platform as we continue towards revolutionising the content media industry. Since the beginning of the third quarter, our team has been hard at work with product development, business development, marketing, and community growth initiatives. With the public launch of our platform set for the month of November, we present to you some of our key achievements to date in this blog.

Let’s take you through the entire third quarter of 2021 at MILC Platform!

Development Milestones and Launches

  • Launched Security Token Offering

We proudly launched our Security Token Offering (STO) which is open till December 31st, 2021. Through the offering of security tokens, MLT-S, WdW aims to expedite the growth of the company’s steadily rising market share even faster. This was a significant step for MILC Platform that will enable us to capitalise on the advantages offered by the STOs.


Read complete details:

  • Launched Staking programs on MantraDao

MILC platform launched staking events on our launchpad platform, MANTRA DAO.

It included 2 staking programs:

A) BNB/MLT LP token staking program

B) Pure BEP-20 MLT token staking program

Learn more about this:

  • Completed Private Sale Distribution

We completed the last distribution of our private sale funding! This was a crucial step for MILC Platform which further ameliorated our credibility and goodwill.

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  • Launched Ambassador Program

We initiated the launch of our much-awaited Ambassador Program by giving a catchy name to it as “MILCians”. This was followed by a search for the suitable ambassadors who will further promote our brand with their creativity.

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  • Launched Staking Programs with Ferrum Network

MILC Platform launched two staking programs with the help of our partner — Ferrum Network for our ERC-20 $MLT holders:

A) ERC-20 $MLT LP staking program

B) ERC-20 $MLT staking program

Learn more about this:

  • Launched Official Merchandise Store

We are delighted to share the launch of our Official Merch store. We will be giving away some very cool merchandise from this store to our MILCians for their valuable contributions in our growth!

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  • Introduced Three-Pillar Model of Tokenization Strategy

In order to familiarize our treasured MILC Community with Welt der Wunder’s Three-Pillar Model which is being followed in our tokenization strategy, we shared a detailed article on all of our three tokens:

  1. Utility Token: MLT
  2. Security Token: MLT-S
  3. NFT Token: MLT-N

Read complete article here:


  • MILC Platform Partnered With NewsCrypto

MILC Platform entered into a partnership with NewsCrypto. NewsCrypto is an all-in-one trading ecosystem that is primarily focused on education, giving both beginners and expert traders alike everything they need to step into the world of crypto and take their skills to the next level.

Read more on this integration here:

Key Media Mentions

Team Introduction

We introduced three diligent members of our MILC team. These indispensable members are:

Community Milestones

MILC Platform crossed 20,000+ followers on Twitter.

Follow us on Twitter to show your support here:

We are excited to see the rapidly growing members in our Twitter and Telegram channels. We have conducted multiple contests and events to ensure increased community engagement in the previous months which are listed below.

$MLT Token Performance

Hard work usually pays off. This is reflected beautifully in the performance of $MLT.

Since the beginning of Q3 2021 all metrics around $MLT have improved significantly.

  • Both chains (ERC20 and BEP20) combined total number of holders increased to 7,560!
  • Average daily trading volume on both marketplaces (Uniswap and Pancakeswap) combined increased from about 30k USD in July to more than 600k USD in September!
  • Peak high was 8M USD trading volume at September 25th!
  • Market Cap of MLT rose from 1.7M USD to about 20M USD!
  • $MLT price rose by more than 600% from 0.0358 USD to 0.22 USD!

MILCians, throughout Q3 it has been a pleasure to experience this incredibly successful journey together with you. Thus we are looking forward to an even more exciting Q4 of 2021!

Watch out for November 19th…👀


MILC platform aims to provide the industry with an open new marketplace for every professional and non-professional content provider and buyer that incorporates cutting-edge broadcast, blockchain and AI-technology which can become a game changer for the entire media content industry. It solves four fundamentally important challenges of the global media industry: Global availability, Discovery process for Buyers, Complex licensing and Early feedback from viewers. MILC has been developed by Welt der Wunder, a media brand with 25 years experience in the business.

More details on MILC:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Email | Whitepaper | One Pager | Deck

The MILC Platform was created by Welt der Wunder® and constructs a blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform with high-quality video content.

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MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content)

MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content)

The MILC Platform was created by Welt der Wunder® and constructs a blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform with high-quality video content.

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