MILC Platform Quarterly Review — Q3 2022

With the end of the September month, MILC Platform concludes another successful quarter of 2022. During the course of these three months, all the efforts of the MILC team were concentrated towards building and further developing the platform. This included developing new features to amplify the WebGL Metaverse and the Web3 Social Community, extending the network for potential partnerships, growing the members of the technical team, and several other undertakings which are running in the background. All the supporters of the platform, get ready to see the fruits of this abundant hard work in the fourth quarter!

For now, let us celebrate our progress, continual support from the #MILCians and all our achievements in this summary of the third quarter of 2022 at MILC Platform!

♦️ Development Milestones and Launches

Web3 Social Community Mobile App in testflight mode

MILC’s Web3 Social Community App entered the internal testing phase in this quarter. After final testing, it has been sent out for approval from the play store and iTunes. It will soon be available, with all its exciting features, acting as a direct bridge to the metaverse for all the MILCians.

Visit here for more information:

New features on Metaverse

Some exciting new features were launched on the metaverse which are mentioned below:

  • First-Person View: Allows an increased accuracy of cursor & an expanded field of view.
  • Sprint motion: Allows users to enjoy the upgraded sprint run while exploring the metaverse.
  • Map: A map has been added for the main island as well as the suburban islands for easy navigation.
  • Main island improvements: The main island has been decorated with multiple small improvements.

These additions enhance the overall user experience and make working with the metaverse more convenient.

Get more information here:

Roadmap Update

The much-awaited roadmap update was released to give a clear picture of the goals and plans of MILC Platform. The MILC team is working diligently towards the realization of this ambitious roadmap. A lot of developments are already in progress and will be delivered at the right time.

Read the Roadmap update here:

Metaverse tag on Coingecko

MILC Platform got the Metaverse tag on Coingecko at its $MLT token site. This is small progress in the right direction for the continually evolving media metaverse.

For more information, read here:

♦️ Collaborations

Participated in Film3 initiative

Our eminent partner, Mogul Productions, started an initiative to collaborate all the Film3 which is Web3 for movies. MILC Platform participated in this Film3 movement that involved several high-class innovators combining web3 technology with the media industry.

For complete information, visit here:

♦️ Key Media Mentions

CinemaTechToday published an article by MILC Senior Licensing Manager

Richard Flynn, Senior Licensing Manager at MILC, created an excellent article on “The Metaverse: A new frontier for cinemas”. This was published by MILC’s partner, Cinema Tech Today, in the September edition of Cinema Technology Magazine.

Read the full article here:

♦️ Community Milestones

Crossed 5500 members on Web3 Social Community Platform

The number of registered members on the Web3 Social Community has recently crossed 5500. This is a great new milestone for the vision of the MILC Platform to directly connect its community with the WebGL Metaverse. All active users on Web3 Social Community will earn from the share of ad revenues in the near future.

Live interview session with LAtokens

A highly informative interview session with MILC Platform’s Business Director, Eugen Nussbaum, was hosted by the LATokens. Many crucial points were discussed at this event such as: Metaverse 2.0, babylon.js, Unreal Engine 5, challenges when delivering high quality graphics in Web3.

Other Notable Events:

Twitter Space on Film3 and NFTs

AMA session with the CryptoDiffer

BSC DailyGleam Giveaway

AMA session with the Ape Dubai


♦️ MLT Token Performance

Bottoming out at around 0.03 to 0.04 USD at the end of Q2, MLT price experienced an unprecedented surge during the whole third quarter of 2022. Peak price was 0.1817 USD on August 11th, which corresponds to an impressive Plus of more than 500% since the very bottom in June! Thereafter a solid support has been established around 0.10 USD when macro markets cooled off again.

  • Both chains combined (ERC20 and BEP20) total number of unique holders increased to 13,631 excluding CEX-holdings. That’s 746 more MLT holders since the end of June!
  • Overall average daily trading volume increased significantly to an average of around 400k USD.
  • 24h trading volume peak was 1.43M USD on August 5th after a peak low at around 70k USD on July 3rd.
  • Circulating supply at the end of September was 166.35M (excluding Team tokens, which won’t be unlocked before the project makes revenues) with a market cap around 17.53M USD

This sums up Q3 for the MILC Platform, now fasten your seat belts for a glorious expedition with the MILC team in the months to come!

As always, MILC Platform is grateful for the unending support of its community.


The MILC platform aims to become one of the leading business and entertainment Metaverses. A melting pot, connecting the professional media industry with its fans. Through its own Open Web GL Metaverse and Web3 social community platform, it offers the possibility for all users, for the first time, to interact directly with the media and entertainment industry. In addition, MILC Platform offers a blockchain-based multimedia marketplace for professional content providers to trade licenses for movies, television, streaming, online publishing, music, gaming and art. It provides NFT-supported financing models for media projects as well as extensive small business opportunities for every market participant and user.

The MLT (Media Licensing Token) serves as a medium of exchange, contract signing vehicle and revenue sharing medium across all platforms within the MILC Metaverse.

MILC Platform Socials:

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