MILC Platform’s Partnership with Oldenburg Film Festival Makes Headlines Globally

The world is abuzz with excitement as the Oldenburg Film Festival, in collaboration with the MILC Platform and The Film Verdict, ventures into uncharted territory — the Metaverse. This groundbreaking partnership has captured the attention of industry professionals and garnered widespread media coverage, making headlines in prestigious publications and media houses around the globe. From “The Hollywood Reporter” to Yahoo Sports and IMDb, MILC is thrilled to share this extraordinary journey with the world.

A Global Sensation
The announcement of the partnership between the Oldenburg Film Festival and the MILC Platform has created ripples of anticipation across the entertainment landscape. Esteemed publications such as Global Village Space, US Today News, and NWZ Online have covered this remarkable collaboration, giving it the spotlight it truly deserves. The collective excitement surrounding this news has propelled it to become one of the most talked-about industry events of the year.

Industry Recognition
The recognition bestowed upon this partnership by renowned media outlets speaks volumes about its significance within the film industry. The Hollywood Reporter, known as the ultimate destination for entertainment news, has dedicated a prominent feature to this historic collaboration. As the news spread like wildfire, other influential publications such as Offshore Festival, Film Festivals, and Film3 Digest joined the chorus, amplifying the reach and impact of this momentous partnership.

As the journey unfolds, MILC Platform remains committed to delivering an unforgettable experience that bridges the gap between traditional film festivals and the immersive realm of the Metaverse.


The MILC platform aims to become one of the leading business and entertainment Metaverses. A melting pot, connecting the professional media industry with its fans. Through its own Open Web GL Metaverse and Web3 social community platform, it offers the possibility for all users, for the first time, to interact directly with the media and entertainment industry. In addition, MILC Platform offers a blockchain-based multimedia marketplace for professional content providers to trade licenses for movies, television, streaming, online publishing, music, gaming and art. It provides NFT-supported financing models for media projects as well as extensive small business opportunities for every market participant and user.

The MLT (Media Licensing Token) serves as a medium of exchange, contract signing vehicle and revenue sharing medium across all platforms within the MILC Metaverse.

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