Oldenburg Film Festival Enters the Metaverse: In partnership with The MILC Platform and The Film Verdict


In a groundbreaking collaboration that aims to set a new standard for the convergence of technology and the arts, we are thrilled to announce that the renowned Oldenburg International Film Festival has partnered with the innovative teams at the MILC Platform and The Film Verdict to become one of the first international Film Festivals to put feet onto the ground of a new world known as the Metaverse. Together, we are poised to pioneer the path forward for the world of film festivals into the immersive universe of the Metaverse.

The Oldenburg International Film Festival has become a cornerstone of the international movie scene since its inauguration in 1994. Known for its commitment to independent filmmaking and its open-minded approach, Oldenburg has been hailed as ‘the European Sundance,’ a testament to its standing within the global film community.

Torsten Neumann, Founder and Director of the Oldenburg International Film Festival, says:

“Ever since the world had to move into digital isolation back in 2020, we decided to embrace new and innovative formats for the Festival as welcome opportunities, and the sheer idea that entering the MILC Metaverse like a virtual territory that claims its own status with regard to digital Film premieres could open new perspectives and support especially for Indie Films, seems like an exciting path to explore.”

The MILC Platform and The Film Verdict, both esteemed for their successful launch of the first-ever Metaverse Film Festival, the Alpha Film Festival, solidifies the shared commitment to revolutionizing the film festival landscape. This partnership will see the Oldenburg Film Festival make its entrance into the Metaverse, a move that aligns seamlessly with its tradition of championing innovation and contrarian ideas.

Neumann, Eric Mika and Hendrik Hey in a joint statement:

“We are very excited about bringing Oldenburg Film Festival into the digital world. Our common goal is to establish a new digital platform for independent filmmakers around the world to premiere their work and break free from the limitations of traditional digital distribution channels. The MILC Metaverse provides the perfect platform to bring the global film community together through a shared immersive and emotive experience. And it can of course bring a sense of the magic of Oldenburg into this virtual world, making it possible to enter the stunning State Theater for a screening in your own living room.”

In this exciting new endeavor, we aim to bring a rich tapestry of encounters, emotions, and creativity into the digital world. It will provide an opportunity to virtually immerse oneself in a festival experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling journey as we merge the magic of film with the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse!


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