We, at MILC Platform, are thrilled to announce our astounding reward program for our cherished MILCians, which is called the Factual Entertainment Offensive (FEO). Welt der Wunder, the developing company behind our platform, will be releasing five high class info-edutainment TV productions and the community will be able to participate in it. The active participants will earn handsome rewards in our platform token- $MLT. We have a total reward pool of whooping 1,000,000 $MLT!

$MLT (Media Licensing Token) is already tradable on decentralized exchanges and is constantly growing in value.
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Welt der Wunder (“World-of-Wonders”) TV, founded in 1996, has operated for decades in the second largest TV market in the world, Germany. We broadcast, produce and market high-quality content. We have an established network with all globally leading content providers.

WdW operates two free-to-air nationwide TV stations in Germany and Switzerland, as well as other online media platforms. Our audience reach is about 30 million per month.

Welt der Wunder is one of the most popular media brands in the German speaking territories, and is positioned in the center of the professional media industry as a high quality info- and edutainment production and broadcasting company.

5 High Class Info-Edutainment TV Formats / 26 Episodes each. 46 Minutes per Episode

International TV, Streaming and VOD

Production and sales start:
Fall/Winter 2021

German license (EUR 10 MIO) already bindingly optioned.


With our FEO reward program, we are releasing 5 high class info-edutainment TV formats with 26 episodes each.

Let us get to know about the five productions that we are launching.

  1. Animal Inside: In this series, we want to deep dive into the world of animals and focus on bringing out the less explored behaviours. The animal kingdom has answers to all the secrets of evolution. With the use of high quality visual effects, we want to study the animal world with a whole new perspective to unfold brand new information to the audiences as well as the current research community.
  2. World Innovation Lab: Our world today is constantly changing. New inventions and innovations are taking place everywhere and all the time. World Innovation Lab seeks to bring together all of these ideas and innovations which have the potential of changing our lives entirely. Audiences will get access to these latest developments in an easy-to-understand and entertaining format.
  3. Timeslot: Timeslot takes the viewers on an exciting journey through time and space. This show takes the audiences on a tour around the globe and establishes a connection between human history and how it continues to have an influence on our present. Through this show we will get an insight into how understanding our past makes it easier to understand our present world.
  4. It’s You: It’s You brings quirks and perplexities of human psychology into the front line in an entertaining term. It involves conducting a series of experiments to study human behaviours. Audiences will be fascinated to see how we tend to behave similarly in certain situations even though we might be from completely diverse cultures. This show will tell “Wow” stories that will startle and educate our viewers.
  5. Science of Sport: This series explores the world of sports but through a different perspective. A top performer in a certain sport shows us what a human body is capable of doing. With Science of Sport, we decode these extraordinary performances to better understand the human body and draw useful outcomes from it. Our show also deep dives into the world of material inventions and offers a family friendly edutainment format.


We have a total of four categories in which the community can participate to earn rewards. Each of these categories has a reward pool of 250,000 $MLT. These categories are mentioned below:

1. Expert Category:

If a community member is an expert in one of the topics under the FEO project, he can support the project with his knowledge to provide new information. If he is able to qualify as an expert, the valuable information provided by him will be rewarded with $MLT. If this person commits himself as an expert permanently, he can earn a certain amount of $MLT per month.

2. Category Researcher:

Under this category, the participant has to search for new topics which can be utilised to meet the content requirements of the FEO project. For each of the topic suggestions accepted from the participant, he gets $MLT as reward. Sometimes, the process can also work in a way where we will ask certain questions and the ones who come up with the answer, gets rewarded with $MLT.

3. Category Visual or Artwork:

With the FEO program, we strive for the highest standard of Visual Effects (VFX) and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). If a community member helps us to develop visual concepts for one of the FEO themes, he will be rewarded with $MLT.

If he is successful in getting his work to define the style of an entire format, he will receive a good amount of $MLT. A supporter can also participate by introducing our team to exceptional 2D and 3D designers and if we work with them, he will receive $MLT.

Moreover, if a MILCian is able to become a part of the FEO VFX team, he can become part of the production with a fixed budget for his work. How huge is that!

4. Category Communication:

The last category is where a community member can participate by promoting our FEO productions on his social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. Contacts, for example Newspapers or online media blogs are also most welcome. If he is successful in drawing attention to our productions, he will be rewarded with $MLT tokens. Similarly, $MLT will be rewarded if a participant has contacts with the press and they feature us over there. A very active supporter can also benefit by becoming an admin or ambassador and thereby earn a fixed monthly income from us.

For each of the aforementioned productions, all the responsible helpers and supporters described above are needed. In total, there are 20 groups of supporters. Which group do you fit into? The exciting rewards are waiting to be collected!

Interested MILCians can get more details on our FEO program from our website:


MILC Platform is also excited to share that our Discord server is now live!

Our Discord will have separate sections for each of the aforementioned productions. So it would be crucial for serious participants to stay active here.

Join us to show your support in the FEO program here:


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