Utility & Value Capture of $MLT Token


The native token of MILC Platform is Media Licensing Token ($MLT) and has a Total Supply of 200M. The main utility of the $MLT token is eliminating the need to go through a time-consuming and complicated process of content licensing which is experienced globally. This utility along with the other use-cases of $MLT tokens are mentioned below:

1. Payments

All purchases within the MILC Platform will be done in $MLT or FIAT. All FIAT payments will lead to buy-back of $MLT tokens, as $MLT acts as a medium of exchange within the platform. All content licenses purchased on our platform will be through $MLT. It represents an all-in-one solution that includes contract signature, approval and payment.

As MILC Platform strengthens its position in the media world, we expect $MLT to be the preferred mode of payment which will enable faster and trouble-free transactions.

2. Governance

$MLT token will also work as a governance token. This implies that $MLT holders will be able to participate in important decisions such as existing platform features and new upgrades. $MLT holders will get voting power wherein they will also be able to propose new features and improvements over the existing one. This token will also allow its holders to decide on various other aspects of the community as well as the token utility itself such as staking rates, token burn etc. Vote rewards will also be given out for their actions.

3. Launchpad

MILC Platform will also act as a “Content Launchpad” for content producers where they will be able to get funding for their production. The $MLT holders will be able to participate in the financing of these projects as investors. Accordingly, these investors will earn a portion of the content profits proportionally..

4. Staking

We have also launched several staking programs to reward $MLT holders. These token holders are incentivised in the form of additional tokens earned during the staking period. We will be launching many more exciting staking programs in the future. Stay tuned for that!

5. Eminent Role in Our Tokenization Strategy

A Three-pillar model is followed in our tokenization strategy wherein we have three tokens: MLT (Utility Token), MLT-S (Security Token) and MLT-N (NFT Token). MLT token plays an eminent role here because it not only performs the above mentioned functions but at the same time it can be used to buy/sell the other two of our tokens. It supports and promotes the utility of the other two!

Read more on our 3-Pillar Model here: https://milc.medium.com/welt-der-wunder-takes-the-next-step-towards-the-first-global-tokenized-fintech-media-house-7ef2518432d6

Token Value Capture

MILC Platform offers a great incentive for investors to buy as well as hold $MLT tokens. $MLT tokens will capture value through the following:

Platform Usage: The demand for $MLT will increase directly along with the growth of MILC Platform. When the demand for content increases on our platform, the demand for license trade will increase which will ultimately increase the demand for $MLT as it is the ultimate mode of payment.

Direct Access: We, at MILC Platform, provide users with a direct access to the creator’s content and also give them an easy opportunity to participate in the production chain. This unique feature of our platform will be reflected in the growth of $MLT as well.

Token Burns: We have also planned a token burn mechanism for $MLT. Under this, a fixed percentage of the fees paid during the transactions on our platform will be burned. Thus, $MLT token will be a deflationary token.

Buybacks: Purchase transactions taking place on our platform will require Fiat or $MLT. When a transaction is made through Fiat, our integrated exchange API will convert these into $MLT. This way we have also incorporated buyback plans which will happen whenever a Fiat to token swap takes place.


MILC platform aims to provide the industry with an open new marketplace for every professional and non-professional content provider and buyer that incorporates cutting-edge broadcast, blockchain and AI-technology which can become a game changer for the entire media content industry. It solves four fundamentally important challenges of the global media industry: Global availability, Discovery process for Buyers, Complex licensing and Early feedback from viewers. MILC has been developed by Welt der Wunder, a media brand with 25 years experience in the business.

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MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content)

The MILC Platform was created by Welt der Wunder® and constructs a blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform with high-quality video content.